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Gold Medals for Mozzarella and Mascarpone

We are delighted to announce we have won the following medals at the 2015 DIAA Australia Dairy Product Competition:


Stretched Cheese:

Traditional Bocconcini 220g: Silver


Pasta Filata Pizza Cheese:

La Casa Del Formaggio Mozzarella Ball 450g: GOLD!


Soft cheese, not ripened:

La Casa Del Formaggio Mascarpone 250g: GOLD!

La Casa Del Formaggio Fresh Pecorino Style 500g: Silver



La Casa Del Formaggio 500g Ricotta: Silver

La Casa Del Formaggio 1kg Ricotta: Silver


Thickened Cream:

La Casa Del Formaggio Double Cream 250g: Silver


A big JOB WELL DONE goes out to all of our staff members who make us proud every day!