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New Gourmet Pizza Topping Trends

As is very true in Adelaide, small town type connections are very valuable.

In our case, working with the boys from The Pizza Journey on some marketing projects has also led them to share with us their ideas for some new and exciting pizza toppings.

Charlie and his crew are very forward thinking with their flavour groupings and they are always willing to try some unlikely combinations. Their tips for upcoming trends are Spanish, Mexican and Vietnamese flavours, alternative “proteins” such as slow cooked rabbit and less commonly known Italian smallgoods like Sopressa (aged Salami), fried pizza dough, and semi-cooked eggs as a pizza topping.

Following Italian tradition, his team gathers annually to make their own sausage, ham, chorizo and other variations of pork products. The team also passionately believes in sourcing local.

Charlie tells us, “The best thing about these latest pizzas is that Ive moved from using imported specialist Italian flour and have switched to Laucke Special White 00 Flour. I wanted to be able to adapt my recipes to a local flour and keep the local food / locavore idea front and centre. We are pretty spoilt in Adelaide to have a world class mill right on our doorstep and in the middle of such a great food producing area. With some minor adaptations to my technique, I got the Laucke product to work as well as the premium Italian gear, very exciting!”

We believe you will see some of these inspired gourmet toppings in trendy pizza bars in 2016 – and we encourage you to try them at home as well!




‘HellBoy’ Pizza Fritte – Housemade Salami, Cherry Bocconcini, Fresh Basil and Chilli Infused Honey.

Dough is formed into a disc and deep fried for 45 seconds and then fired in the wood oven (with toppings) for another 90 seconds.



Barely Set Folded Eggs, Fried Homemade Shoulder Ham, Truffle Oil, Bambini Bocconcini, Fresh Parsley.



“Spanish Hellboy” – Spicy Chorizo, Passata, Cherry Bocconcini, Dried Oregano and Chilli Flakes.


Pancetta, Homemade Salami, Cherry Bocconcini Chipotole Peppers in Adobo Sauce, and Woodfired Capsicum



Parsley and Lemon Butter as a sauce, with Barossa Fine Foods Hot Sopressa, Yellow and Red Cherry Tomatoes, Wood Oven baked Mushrooms, Anchovies, and Bambini Bocconcini



The “Prawn Star” with fresh prawns, Fresh Mozzarella, Passata, Chilli Jam and Shaved Parmesan. Recipe found here.


Quattro Formaggio Pizza with Sage Leaves – (Bambini Bocconcini, Grated Pecorino, Ashgrove Tasmanian Blue cheese and an aged Mozzarella, smoked with Oak chips)




Pizza Journey’s take on the classic Baked Spanish Eggs. They’ve topped this pizza base with Housemade Chorizo, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Smoked Mozzarella, Free Range Egg and Fresh Basil.



Pancetta with Meyer Lemons and Mozzarella.



Chopped Burrata with Buttered Beetroot, Fresh Rosemary and Balsamic drizzle.