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New TVC with Drakes Supermarkets

Claude Drakes Ad

New TVC Launch!

Premiering October 4th 2020, La Casa Del Formaggio is proud to take part in a new TV commercial campaign with Drakes Supermarkets! Together with Cucina Classica, Rainbow Fresh, Slape and Sons, Rio Vista Olives, Lenswood Apples and Mitani, we challenge Adelaideans to ask themselves if their purchasing power is supporting the local community. The ads will air on Channels 9, 10 and SBS.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we support local.

Whether it’s your local supermarket, butcher, fruit and veg shop, restaurant or clothing store, spending your money in those local businesses who reinvest it in your local community is critical. Why? These local businesses stimulate the local economy by creating jobs, paying taxes that help pay for roads, hospitals and schools, and this creates more opportunities for other businesses.

Local food retail also tends to have a smaller carbon footprint, as they range a greater host of local products which travel a much shorter distance to get to grocery shelves.

Partnering with Drake’s Supermarkets

Like La Casa Del Formaggio, Drake’s Supermarkets has an incredible growth story, born of humble South Australian roots. In 1974 Roger Drake purchased his first supermarket, A three-laned store named Jack & Jill’s which employed only four staff. Today, Drakes Supermarkets is the largest independent grocery retailer in Australia and specialises in supermarket retailing.

La Casa Del Formaggio has almost our entire range available at the fine Drakes outlets across South Australia. Roger Drake and his team have supported La Casa Del Formaggio in our 32-year history, by ranging our products, supporting our new product launches and helping to make our cheeses widely available.

Together we ask: “Is your cheese made in SA?


And as a special holiday bonus, we have joined in on the fun for the Drake’s Christmas Campaign as well! See these clips below: