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Open Homes Australia Ep 1: Italian Penne Pasta

Who else is loving the trend of home and lifestyle TV? La Casa Del Formaggio has joined Open Homes Australia and our cheeses will be featured in a special dish cooked in each episode by one of our favourite chefs Adam Swanson!

We know you are going to love this show! It airs this spring (2018) on Saturdays at 6pm on 9Life. 

On Episode 1, Adam imparts his tips and tricks for creating a fresh tomato and mozzarella sauce for your penne pasta.

This recipe is extremely simple, and is surprisingly packed with flavour considering how few ingredients are used.


We love how adding the Fresh Mozzarella at the last minute really allows the cheese to sing, becoming melty and gooey which binds the pasta together.


You can find the full recipe here.

And watch the video on our YouTube Channel here.

For the full episode, you can check in out on 9Life here.