Chocolate Mascarpone Tart


8 serves
45 minutes


This rich and decadent Chocolate and Mascarpone tart is a show stopper. Spoil your family with this gorgeous tart.




250g Mascarpone
250g good quality dark chocolate, chopped
1 Tbsp espresso coffee (optional)
Chocolate Pastry
3 Tbsp Double Cream
125g unsalted butter, softened
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 egg, beaten
1.25 cup plain flour, plus more for baking paper
3/4 tspn salt
1/3 cup Dutch cocoa powder
To Serve
250g Mascarpone
2 punnets fresh raspberries
icing sugar, for dusting


1 To Make the Ganache: Place chocolate in a heatproof bowl and place over a small saucepan of water over a low heat to melt the chocolate. Remove from heat and set aside. Remove the water from the small saucepan and over medium heat, carefully heat the mascarpone. Bring just to a simmer but don't let it boil over. Pour over the chocolate and whisk until smooth. Let ganache cool to room temperature.
2 To make pastry: beat butter and caster sugar with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy, for about 4 minutes. Add egg and vanilla, and mix until combined.
3 Sift the flour, salt and cocoa powder into a bowl. Gradually add the sifted flour mixture to the butter & sugar mixture, in batches, alternating with the cream until a dough forms.
4 Shape dough into a thick rectangle and wrap in plastic. Refrigerate until cold, for about 30 minutes.
5 Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease a 13cm x 35cm top rectangular tin with a little melted butter.
6 Roll out dough between two pieces of baking paper to fit the tin. Press dough into tin to fit. Trim excess. Prick all over bottom of shell with a fork and blind bake with baking paper and baking beans for 10 minutes. Then remove the paper and beans and bake for a further 8-10 minutes, until firm. Leave to cool completely before removing from tin.
7 Whisk the cooled ganache in the bowl lightly, then spread over the bottom of tart shell with a spatula. Swirl in the Mascarpone with a knife. Cover with raspberries and icing sugar.

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