Mango, Passionfruit and Ricotta Cheesecake

Mango and Passionfruit Ricotta Cheesecake


16 serves
1 hour 30 minutes


A truly sensational dessert using in-season mangoes and passionfruit. Silky smooth and bursting with classic fresh fruit flavours. Your guests will be lining up for seconds.

*Allow at least 1 hour for chill time after baking.


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1kg Traditional Ricotta
1 pack of gingernut biscuits
80g butter
150g caster sugar (for cake mixture)
1 lemon (juice and zest)
200g sour cream
4 eggs
8 passion fruits
3 mangoes (pureed)
80-100g caster sugar (for topping)
2 tspn gelatine powder


1 Line a 22cm square tin (for 16 squares) or a 24cm round springform tin (for 10 slices).
2 Blend biscuits in food processor until fine. Melt the butter and combine with biscuits and press onto the base of the tin. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes.
3 Preheat the oven to 160C.
4 Whisk eggs with 150g of the sugar and the lemon zest. Add sour cream and Traditional Ricotta. Use hand blender or food processor to blend the mixture until smooth.
5 Pour the Ricotta mixture onto the biscuit base and bake at 160C for 45 minutes. Once baked, leave it on the bench to cool down and then place into the fridge once cool.
6 Extract the passionfruit pulp and mix with pureed mango and caster sugar (80-100g, depending on ripeness of fruit). Mix gelatine powder with 2 tbspn of water and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Gently dissolve the gelatine mixture above a hot water bath until clear and runny. Carefully stir into the mango and passionfruit mixture and pour over the cake. Leave the set in the fridge for at least an hour.

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