Rosa’s Tiramisu


10 serves
3 hours 20 minutes


A classic tiramisu recipe that was the Christmas treat the Cicchiello family looked forward to every year. Rosa’s version of Tiramisu has no added sugar!

Our tip: some of the family’s favourite liqueurs for Tiramisu are Tia Maria, Frangelico, Brandy, Marsala, or Kahlua, but you can use whatever dessert liqueurs you have in the liquor cabinet. Sometimes we are a bit naughty and put different liqueurs into the different layers!

Prep takes around 20 minutes, but this dessert requires 3 hours refrigeration minimum.


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500g Mascarpone
2 Eggs, separated
3 cups Espresso Coffee
Liqueur of choice, to taste (Optional)
500g Savoiardi Sponge Finger Biscuits
Grated Chocolate or Cocoa Powder, to decorate


1 Combine the egg yolks and Mascarpone together in a bowl until well mixed. Whisk the egg whites and then add to the Mascarpone mixture. Stir until mixture acquires a smooth and creamy texture but do not over beat as it will curdle. Leave to rest while you prepare the biscuits.
2 Place the large Savoiardi lady finger biscuits in a short dish. Combine the coffee with your favourite liqueur of choice (optional) and soak the biscuits in the coffee mixture ensuring that both sides of the biscuits are covered.
3 Spread a layer of the Mascarpone mixture across the base of a baking dish. Add a layer of the soaked lady fingers and cover this with another layer of the Mascarpone mixture. Repeat layer after layer until all the biscuits and Mascarpone mixture have been used, ensuring the final layer is Mascarpone.
4 Refrigerate for at least three hours. Tiramisu is best served when prepared at least one day in advance. When ready to serve, use a sieve to dust the powdered cocoa evenly across the top Mascarpone layer. Enjoy!

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