Marisa’s Ricotta Doughnuts


12 serves
25 minutes


A Cicchiello family party favourite.

Recipe credit: Marisa Salandra, daughter of Gerardo and Rosa, founders




1kg Traditional Ricotta
3 Eggs
½ cup Caster Sugar
Liqueur to taste (Italian liqueurs such as Strega or Sambuca work well)
1 cup Self-Raising Flour (roughly)
Light Vegetable Oil for Frying
Cinnamon and Sugar to coat
OR Sugar and melted Dark Chocolate


1 Mix ricotta, eggs and sugar together in a bowl and stir until combined. Introduce liqueur to mixture but don’t let it get too runny.
2 Little by little mix in the self-raising flour until the consistency allows you to roll mixture into balls. Roll into balls and place on baking paper.
3 Heat oil in a pan. Pan fry balls until the color turns a light brown.
4 Cinnamon Sugar Option: Scatter cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl. While still warm, roll doughnuts in cinnamon and sugar mixture.
5 Chocolate Option: Place sugar in a resealable bag and place 4-5 doughnuts in the bag and re-seal. Shake until covered with sugar. Repeat until all donuts are covered. Then melt dark chocolate over boiling water or in a microwave. Drizzle hot chocolate over the doughnuts.
6 Serve warm and fresh. Enjoy!

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Italian food culture has always tied into the big events in the ecclesiastical calendar, and Easter was one of the biggest celebrations of them all in the Cicchiello house. They always included Rosa’s famous pizza piena, lasagna and ricotta rice cake. We are so pleased to share with you these recipes made with love and tradition, from our home to yours. Buona Pasqua!