Grilled Chicken Quinoa Bowl



2 serves
30 minutes


Fresh is best! This healthy lunch or dinner option is a perfect combination of bright fresh ingredients! Enjoy your cheese in this well rounded salad bowl that is packed full of protein and flavour.




125g Fresh Mozzarella Bag
1/2 cup quinoa
1 large chicken breast
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
1 avocado
1/2 red capsicum
1/4 red onion
100g baby spinach
2 Tbsp pesto
seasoning, to taste


1 Cook the quinoa according to packet instructions. Once cooked, remove from heat, rinse thoroughly, and allow to cool slightly.
2 Season the chicken breast to your liking. Grill the chicken in a fry pan or on a barbeque until cooked through and thoroughly browned.
3 Slice the tomatoes, avocado, capsicum and red onion.
4 Lay out two serving bowls. Split the quinoa, chicken, tomatoes, avocado, capsicum, onion and spinach evenly across the two bowls, making a section for each ingredient in a clock style format.
5 Tear the Fresh Mozzarella in half and place a large piece in the center of each bowl. Drizzle the salads with pesto and season to taste.

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